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Thinking of Joining

Automatic Enrolment

Since 1 October 2012 (subject to the employer's own staging date), all 'workers' have to be auto-enrolled into a qualifying pension scheme without any active decision on their part to join the qualifying pension scheme.

Each employer will be given a date from when they will have to provide their employees with a qualifying pension scheme. This is known as the staging date.

A 'worker' is defined as any individual who:

  • Works under a contract of employment (an employee); or
  • Has a contract to perform work or services personally (i.e. they cannot send a substitute or sub-contract the work) and is not undertaking the work as part of their own business.

To find out more about auto-enrolment and how this may apply to you please viisit the website via the link below: 


Important note: You can choose to 'opt out' of membership of a qualifying pension scheme but only after you have been automatically enrolled by your employer.

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